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    21 Moments From Netflix's "Fear Street" Trilogy That Absolutely Killed It

    It's bloody good.

    Y'all, the Fear Street movies are all out on Netflix, and they make up roughly six hours of epic slasher goodness with excellent character development to boot.

    Anyway, the trilogy is full of hilarious, horrifying, and heartwarming moments — here are our top favorite ones.

    Warning: Major spoilers for the entire "Fear Street" trilogy on Netflix below!

    1. When the trilogy opens with that epic slasher sequence.

    Heather on the ground

    2. When Simon tells Nick to suck it.

    Simon tells Nick to suck it

    3. When Josh breaks down the interconnected Shadyside Killers case to Deena’s friends.

    Josh's suspect board

    4. KATE’S DEATH.

    Kate getting put through bread slicer

    5. When Sam tells Deena that she’ll see her later that night and kisses her in front of her mom.

    Deena and Sam kiss

    6. When Sam stabs Deena.

    Sam stabs Deena

    7. When Deena tells C. Berman that she can't let Sam die.

    Deena talks to C. Berman

    8. When Ziggy flips Nick off.

    Ziggy flips off Nick

    9. When Tommy kills Arnie.

    Tommy axes Arnie

    10. When Cindy stabs the Camp Nightwing Killer (aka her former boyfriend Tommy) repeatedly to save Ziggy.

    Cindy stabbing Tommy repeatedly

    11. When Alice and Cindy have a heart-to-heart in the witch’s lair.

    Cindy and Alice talk

    12. When Cindy BEGGED the Shadyside Killers and Sarah Fier to let her sister live.

    Ziggy and Cindy at Camp Nightwing

    13. When Hannah and Sarah get frisky in the woods in 1666.

    Sarah and Hanna make out in the woods

    14. When Cyrus Miller cracks under the Goode curse.

    Cyrus Miller

    15. When Sarah Fier confesses.

    The real Sarah Fier

    16. When Deena tells her brother that "Goode is evil."

    Deena and Josh hide in the woods

    17. When Josh recites to Deena the Konami Code, the universal code for extra lives, before they face off with the Shadyside Killers.

    Deena and Josh hugging each other

    18. When Ziggy tells Nick, “Tag, you’re it.”

    Nick getting covered in paint and blood

    19. When Deena stabs Nick in the eye and kills him.

    Nick is dead

    20. When Deena and Sam kiss in the woods at the end.

    Sam and Deena kiss

    21. The credits scene.

    Hand on Solomon Goode's book

    What was your favorite Fear Street moment? Let us know in the comments below!