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    Ranking The Villains In Netflix’s “Fear Street” Trilogy By How Evil They Are

    Sarah Fier...who could blame her?

    Warning: Spooky spoilers ahead for all three Fear Street movies on Netflix!

    In Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, Shadyside is a little town with a murderous history dating back to the cursed year of 1666. In three gory movie-length installations, the horror project brings out villain after villain — most of whom aren’t even responsible for the shady dealings!

    Sarah Fier

    Yup — going back to 1666, we learn all about the witch Sarah Fier, who actually isn’t a witch at all. For three centuries, she’s been framed by the Goode family, who have been power-grabbing by way of the devil and cursing Shadyside with serial killer after serial killer.

    Solomon Goode carrying out ritual

    So, just how evil does evil get in the Fear Street movies? Let’s review each villain and rank them from least evil to absolutely terrifying!

    (Spoilers below!)

    14. Sarah Fier

    The real Sarah Fier

    If we were ranking by character rather than evil, Sarah Fier could occupy the number one spot on this list just because we get such a rich look at her in Part Three: 1666. But really, she's literally not a villain or a witch, even though the early Shadysiders pegged everything on her. 

    13. Nurse Lane

    Nurse Lane

    Camp Nightwing's Nurse Lane and her 1666 counterpart Widow Mary both bear the brunt of a misled society. While everyone suspects that she's up to no good, Nurse Lane is just trying to crack the Shadyside case, and her journal (though misinformed about the witch) actually helps Cindy and Alice escape the underground lair. That said, we do have to take into consideration that she attacks Thomas Slater, a literal high school kid.   

    12. Samantha Fraser

    Samantha Fraser

    Samantha Fraser also isn't really a villain here. She's a bit icy to Deena at the beginning of Part One: 1994, but mostly she just wants to mind her own business and start fresh in Sunnyvale. The reason Sam ranks a little higher on the list is that she straight-up stabs Deena in the gut, albeit while possessed by a 300-year-old curse. Other than that, she and Deena actually make for a really cute couple, and we wish them the best in the new-and-improved Shadyside!     

    11. Humpty Dumpty Killer

    Humpty Dumpty Killer news clipping

    Basically, we learn from Josh’s news clipping that the murderer operated around 1935 and left body parts behind for people to find. Pretty creepy, but this M.O. doesn’t quite deliver the same horrifying panache that some of the other villains bring to the table.

    10. The Grifter

    The Grifter in water
    Netflix / Via

    The Grifter isn’t super prominent, but we do see a repeated clip of the villain trying to drown someone. And according to a news article, the Grifter also guts women. It’s terrifying stuff, even with the character's very limited screen time.   

    9. Billy Barker

    Billy Barker holding club
    Netflix / Via

    There’s nothing sadder or creepier than a cursed child. After falling prey to the Goode curse in 1922, Billy Barker uses a baseball bat to bash his brothers. Again, his presence is fleeting, but his onscreen time really packs a violent punch. 

    8. Caleb

    Caleb in 1666
    Netflix / Via

    It’s not that Caleb’s under any curse or has evil powers. Harassing Hannah at the bonfire, he’s a dime-a-dozen creepy pervert with no respect for boundaries. He’s also super keen to hype up the crowd to blame Sarah too. Sometimes the most commonplace creeps are the worst of all!   

    7. Ruby Lane

    Ruby Lane in the dark
    Netflix / Via

    Basically, Ruby Lane's deal is that she ends up killing a bunch of her friends before killing herself. This isn’t necessarily the most unusual murder origin story, but we also gotta give Ruby props for her flair. Between donning a vintage fit, waving around a blade, and singing "You Always Hurt the One You Love," Ruby is definitely one of the more memorable Shadyside killers. Plus, you just never know when she's going to strike with her blade. 

    6. Skull Mask (Ryan Torres)

    Skull Mask
    Netflix / Via

    Skull Mask doesn’t pop up too much after the start of Part One: 1994, but he makes his time count. We have to give Skull Mask, or a cursed Ryan Torres, credit for giving us that ~bone-chilling~ opening sequence at the beginning of the trilogy! Poor Heather didn’t stand a chance.   

    5. The Milkman (Harry Rooker)

    Scary-looking Milkman in the dark
    Netflix / Via

    The Milkman’s crimes are scary as hell. A ’50s milkman targeting housewives? Yeah, that’s creepy horror shenanigans that feels way too similar to actual stuff you’d find in the true crime realm. In Fear Street Part Two: 1978, we also see him in action as he brutally attacks Ziggy at Camp Nightwing.  

    4. Cyrus Miller

    Cyrus Miller in church
    Netflix / Via

    We know that Cyrus Miller isn't evil by his own accord, but that doesn’t make his sordid murder spree any less sickening. Just when you think Fear Street can't get any gorier, you have a church full of dead kids with gouged-out eyes!  

    3. Camp Nightwing Killer (Tommy Slater)

    Camp Nightwing killer
    Netflix / Via

    As we later learn, clueless Tommy Slater falls victim to Nick Goode’s curse. We don’t know too much about Tommy other than the fact that he likes Cindy, but he is absolutely horrifying as a villain. Putting aside the fact that he kills a bunch of little kids and his high school sweetheart, remember when he straight-up axes Arnie’s face in half?! Oof.  

    2. Solomon Goode

    Solomon Goode, with long hair, beard, and mustache
    Netflix / Via

    Solomon Goode is not so good after all, is he? Part Three: 1966 reveals that Sarah Fier, the witch who allegedly brought a 300-year-old curse onto Shadyside, isn’t a witch at all. While pretending to be Sarah Fier’s friend, Solomon actually leaves her to die after she discovers his dealings with the occult. It's pretty gross how he pretends to be Sarah's friend, and his character just goes to show how many of society's systemic ailments can be traced back to *checks notes* power-hungry men.  

    1. Nick Goode

    Nick Goode
    Netflix / Via

    What makes Nick Goode the most evil villain here is just how insidiously he works his harm. In some ways, Nick feels even more twisted than Solomon because he just seems like an incompetent cop at first. But toward the end, we find out that he’s been deceiving Ziggy and the kids, pretending to be on their side when he’s evil as hell. Plus, he continually pins the blame on innocent teenagers after doing his dirty deeds. He’s sick!  

    How would you rank the Shadyside villains? Let us know below!

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