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Top Ten Zombie Dating Tips

That's not just rigor mortis setting in, baby... ;) More snappy pickup lines and tips at The Zombie Dating Guide:

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  • 1. Taking your pet on a walk is a sure way to meet babes. Training your dog to drag back a cute female, however, can be dodgy if parts come loose. Don't be a litterbug.

  • 2. Writing a poem for your new date may seem romantic until you rhyme trains with braaaainz. Just sends the wrong message.

  • 3. While ear nibbling may be romantic, a detached lobe can be disconcerting. Spackle first.

  • 4. Don't let her get all “zombie fury” on you if dinner's late coming down the alley and she's hungry. Think ahead - bring a head.

  • 5. There's only one eyeball left do you split it with your date or yell out, “JUMPBALL!”?

  • 6. Picking your own nose is disgusting. Picking someone else's nose is dessert.

  • 7. Being yourself is overrated. Being the guy down the block with by wearing his head as a hat is much more fun.

  • 8. Walking in someone else's shoes is for weenies. Walk in their feet instead.

  • 9. Does your date enjoy music? Shove a flute into her windpipe so you can both get down, get funky.

  • 10. Playing "Pull my finger" is a great way for the Undead to pop the question. Of course, she gets to keep the finger.