56 Quirks Of Sheldon From "The Big Bang Theory" That Make Him One-Of-A-Kind

“Sheldon’s a bit quirky, isn’t he?” “Oh please, that crazy bastard is looking at quirky in the rearview mirror.”

1. His Saturday morning routine.

“Every Saturday morning since we’ve lived in this apartment, I have awakened at 6:15 a.m., poured myself a bowl of cereal, added a quarter cup of 2% milk, sat on that end of that couch, turned on BBC America and watched Doctor Who.”

2. His ideas for humanity.

3. His love of Star Trek.

CBS / Via giphy.com

A deep love.

He’s even fluent in Klingon!

4. His, uh, smile.

CBS / Via giphy.com

5. His brutal honesty.

And I mean brutal.

CBS / Via dumpaday.com

6. His love of trains.

CBS / Via giphy.com

“The tinier the train, the more concentrated the fun.”

Although, he does look pretty bitchin’ in that hat.

7. His catchphrase.

CBS / Via rebloggy.com

And how you wish it was yours.

8. His way of folding clothes.

Like a boss.

9. His three-knock rule.

Admit it, you’ve tried this once or twice.

10. His dance moves.

CBS / Via whatculture.com


11. His bongo playing.

CBS / Via fanforum.com

“Three in the morning is a good time for bongos!”

12. His dedication to discipline.

CBS / Via giphy.com

Best. Scene. Ever.

13. His complete lack of athletic ability.

It gets sadder every time you watch it.

14. His love/hate relationship with Wil Wheaton.

So random and so wonderful.


CBS / Via youtube.com

Bitch best be steppin’.

His spot transfers over to practically anywhere.


Not even big scary dudes can sit there.

16. His “Soft Kitty” song when he’s sick.

Get your “Soft Kitty” gear here!

17. His roommate agreement.

CBS / Via elitedaily.com

You can even buy a copy.

18. His Halloween costumes.

For the last time, HE’S NOT A ZEBRA!

19. His secret identity.

CBS / Via quora.com

Well actually, Dean Winchester from “Supernatural” said he was Batman.

The CW / Via gifboom.com

Soooooo, now I don’t know who to believe.

20. His way of protecting money.

CBS / Via favim.com

21. His inability to understand sarcasm.

Although, he nails it here.

CBS / Via pinterest.com


22. His minor cat problem.

CBS / Via gifs-planet.com

“He’s so zazzy!”

23. His “Fun with Flags” web show.

CBS / Via heidibetts.com

His apartment even has its own flag.

“Never fly it upside down unless the apartment’s in distress.” Mkay.

“Don’t make me turn that flag upside-down, because I’ll do it!”

CBS / Via hypable.com

He did it.

24. His laugh.

You can even hear it through the gif.

25. His fear of germs.

CBS / Via giphy.com

Safety first.

26. His test results.

CBS / Via giphy.com

Eh, debatable.

27. His “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” demonstration.

CBS / Via youtube.com

Damn, son.

28. His drunk self.

CBS / Via gifboom.com

Can’t decide which is weirder: sober or intoxicated.

29. His entire relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler.

CBS / Via forum.ea.com

It’s definitely a sassy one.

30. His commitment to his Tamagotchi.

CBS / Via disboards.com

Mine died after, like, two days.

31. His strict rules about social protocol.

CBS / Via youtube.com

And remember, it’s not optional.

32. Umm, this.

CBS / Via weheartit.com

No comment.

33. His ingenious solutions to problems.

CBS / Via hercampus.com

That bird is like, “Bitch, please.”

34. His way of sleeping.

CBS / Via pinterest.com

35. His refusal to get a driver’s license.

36. His extreme measures to secure his parking space.

Even though, you know, he doesn’t have a license.

37. His eidetic memory.

CBS / Via youtube.com

Crazy stuff, man.

I mean, yeah.

38. His fish night lights.

“I read an article about Japanese scientists who inserted DNA from luminous jelly fish into other animals, and I thought, ‘Hey! Fish nightlights.’”

39. His friendship with Leonard’s mom.

She’s closer with Sheldon more than her own son. That’s just cold. And weird.

40. His sporadic hugging.

When he hugs, he’s all in.

41. His constant digs at the science of geology.

CBS / Via gifsec.com

You know, it’s really just rocks and shit.

42. His obessive love for superheroes.

CBS / Via weheartit.com

Yeah, Batman’s the best.

43. His aversion to gift-giving.

“Oh, Penny. I know you think you are being generous, but the foundation of gift giving is reciprocity. You haven’t given me a gift. You’ve given me an obligation…The essence of the custom is that I now have to go out and purchase for you a gift of commensurate value and representing the same perceived level of friendship as that represented by the gift you’ve given me.”

44. His obsessive Words With Friends battle against Stephen freakin’ Hawking.

CBS / Via youtube.com


45. His well-kept childhood notebooks.

“Well, this box only covers my work through nursery school. There’s a good deal more to come.”

46. His hot chocolate drinking habits.

CBS / Via wordpress.com

“[F]or the record, I only drink hot chocolate in months with an R in them…What’s life without whimsy?” What indeed.

47. His uncomfortable blinking face.

It’s kinda hard to look away.

48. His reason for crying.


49. His conversations with himself.

CBS / Via dumpaday.com

We all have these, but I bet his convos are much more interesting.

50. His way of waking up.

CBS / Via weheartit.com

Calm down, Sheldon. You’re not Lost in Space.

51. His utilization of a Green Lantern lantern.

CBS / Via article.wn.com

Also, the fact he even owns a Green Lantern lantern.

52. His insult to Bill Gates.

CBS / Via weheartit.com

And then Gates punched him in the face.

53. His determination to always find the acoustic sweet spot in a movie theater.

CBS / Via gshow.globo.com

I…I can’t handle this process.

CBS / Via youtube.com

Like, what?

54. His food schedule.

We’ve got a complicated order. Someone even made this.

55. His weaving of serapes.


Not ponchos.

56. His bowel movement tracking.

CBS / Via quoteko.com

“[M]y bowel movements run like a German train schedule.” Good to know.

You do you, Sheldon!

CBS / Via gifboom.com

The 8th season of The Big Bang Theory premieres Monday, September 22nd on CBS.

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