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44 Thoughts You Have When Shopping At Bath & Body Works


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1. Okay, I just need body lotion. That's it.

2. OMG, it smells so good in here.

3. Wow, that sales person is super cheery.

4. Of course, I'd be too if I worked at HEAVEN.

5. No, I don't need a bag.

6. It's too much temptation.

7. I'll fill the whole damn thing.

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8. All right, now where's the body lotion?

9. Heyyyy, that scent sounds good.

10. Where's the tester for it?

11. I'm so freaking excited.

12. Ahh, it's magical, fantastically, wonderfully magical.

13. I NEED IT.

14. Just one bottle, though.

15. Well, maybe two. It looks like a seasonal scent.

16. I'm being smart by stocking up. Like I do with Costco.

17. Wait, I gotta try this scent, too.

18. Yep, I need that one as well.

19. This is happening.

20. I'm slowly falling into the vortex that is Bath & Body Works products.

21. Just gonna get two bottles of that as well.

22. OK, my hands are full.

23. Maybe I do need that bag after all.

24. Ooh, they have my favorite scent!

25. Gonna grab seven of these.

26. They might discontinue the scent, and then where would I be?

27. That lady next to me is totally judging my heavy bag.

28. Quit judging me!

29. I can't help it if I want to smell like happiness and sunshine!

30. OK, calm down. That lady doesn't care about me.

31. Back to business.

32. Grabbing five hand sanitizers because of that sale.

33. Let's toss in a few candles, too.

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34. All right, I need to STOP.

35. Man, this bag is super heavy all of a sudden.

36. Lemme just check out now before I spend all my rent money.

37. Wait, if I get one more item, I can get three for free?


39. This is the best store in the world.

40. Oh, and I have a coupon for 20% off.

41. Yaaass, savin' that money.

42. I'm such a smart shopper.

43. Probably gonna have to eat PB & J for a week, but who cares?!

44. I'll still smell better than everyone else.

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