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    31 Creepy Items Every Horror Fan Should Own

    Start creepin' out your non-horror fan friends with these magnificent products.

    1. Funko POP Vinyl Horror Figures.

    2. This Nightmare on Elm Street toaster.

    3. This 20th anniversary Halloween snow globe.

    4. This Texas Chainsaw Massacre ornament.

    5. This Silence of the Lambs embroidery.

    6. This Scream ice cream bowl.

    7. These bookends inspired by The Shining.

    8. This Saw bobblehead.

    9. This adorable Alien plushie.

    10. This Dracula book purse.

    11. This Frankenstein pillow.

    12. This Bride of Frankenstein cookie jar.

    13. These Nosferatu curtains.

    14. This Jaws bottle opener.

    15. This smooth gangster Wolf Man picture.

    16. This The Exorcist crochet doll set.

    17. This tannis root pendant from Rosemary's Baby.

    18. This The Birds Barbie doll.

    19. This Trick 'r Treat 3D pop art.

    20. This Evil Dead wallet.

    21. This Pennywise the Clown giant inflatable.

    22. These Phantom of the Opera shoes.

    23. This Child's Play lunchbox.

    24. This Creature from the Black Lagoon soap

    25. This Sleepaway Camp beanie.

    26. American Psycho bloody mug.

    27. This House on Haunted Hill light switch plate.

    28. This classic horror collage box.

    29. Universal Monster Crib Set

    30. This Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island messenger bag.

    31. And finally, this Goosebumps dress.