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    24 Signs You're Basil From "The Great Mouse Detective"

    You know, besides the fact you're an animated mouse who solves crimes.

    1. You're not afraid to explore your sexuality.

    2. You have an eye for detail.

    3. You wear a bitchin' hat.

    4. You seize the moment.

    5. You have a catchphrase.

    6. You pull off a killer mustache.

    7. You're easily surprised.

    8. Your mad face game's strong.

    9. You're not great with kids.

    10. You use more than 10% of your brain.

    11. You turn to music when you're sad.

    12. You like your privacy.

    13. Your partner does this while on a case.

    14. You're friends with a giant dog.

    15. You're observant.

    16. Your arch enemy is a RAT.

    17. You wear costumes.

    18. You have to deal with this dude.

    19. You sometimes get into binds.

    20. You've had a nervous breakdown.

    21. You're into ballistics.

    22. You smoke a pipe.

    23. You point out the obvious.

    24. And, you always manage to save the day.