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    24 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Guest Starred On “Criminal Minds”

    The crime show just began its 10th season on CBS and has had some famous faces over the years.

    1. Tony Todd

    2. Aaron Paul

    3. Daryl Sabara

    4. Nicki Aycox

    5. Cameron Monaghan

    6. Melissa Leo

    7. James Van Der Beek

    8. David Ramsey

    9. Jim Beaver

    10. Frankie Muniz

    11. Wil Wheaton

    12. Gina Torres

    13. C. Thomas Howell

    14. Sean Patrick Flanery

    15. Forest Whitaker

    16. Dean Norris

    17. Tim Curry

    18. Mare Winningham

    19. Teri Polo

    20. Robert Englund

    21. Shanola Hampton

    22. Michelle Trachtenberg

    23. Mark Hamill

    24. Tahmoh Penikett