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23 Things People With OCD Are Tired Of Hearing

We get it. You've seen every episode of Monk.

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1. "Do you wash your hands all the time?"

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Maybe, maybe not.

2. "I've never met someone with OCD before!"

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Everyday's a new adventure.

3. "Do you have homicidal thoughts?"

CBS / Via

Trust me, if I do, YOU'LL be in them.

4. "Hey, will you organize my stuff?"

Fox / Via

Unless you're gonna pay me a reasonable fee, I have better shit to do.

5. "Wait, do you really have OCD?"

Screen Gems / Via

No, I just get my kicks by lying for the hell of it.

6. "Are your DVDs alphabetized?"

The CW / Via

I like my things in order, YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!

7. "Oh, so you're like Monk?"

NBC / Via

*Screams internally*

8. "Do you take medication?"

And how is that any of your business?
DreamWorks Pictures / Via

And how is that any of your business?

9. "Hey, my [insert relative here] has OCD, too!"

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10. "That's not even a real thing. It's all in your head."

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No shit, Sherlock. That's why it's a mental disorder.

11. "So, do you turn the light switch on and off?"

Film Arts Guild / Via

All day, everyday.

12. "I bet you hate the game Jenga."

CBS / Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

The blocks don't line up. Big whoop.

13. "Do you count random things?"

Call me a human abacus.
Tootsie / Via

Call me a human abacus.

14. "Are you a hoarder?"

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

If you expect me to get rid of my 1996 Taco Bell kids' meal toy, you're sadly mistaken.

15. "Do you have to repeat words over and over again until it feels 'right?'"

Universal Pictures / Via

I dunno. Let's find out. I dunno. Let's find out.

16. "Are you a clean freak?"

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I just don't like dust, okay?

17. "So, like, how did you catch it?"

CBS / Via

From my DNA, thanks.

18. "Does that mean you're awkward?"

Um, what?
FOX / Via

Um, what?

19. "Do you have crazy religious thoughts?"

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20. "Have you seen As Good as It Gets?"

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No, and I haven't seen The Aviator either.

21. "What happens if you don't take your meds?"

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I go insane. Obviously.

22. "Are you terrified of germs?"

Disney Pixar / Via

Germs can kill, so, yeah.

23. "People with OCD are freaks."

The Weinstein Company / Via

Hardly. We're still people, asshat.

And don't you forget it.

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