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22 Amazing Grumpy Cat Items That Ruled Etsy

Why bother telling people how you really feel? Let these products do the talking for you.

1. This mug:

HumerusWares / Via

For when you need to remind your roommates you're NOT a damn morning person.

2. This greeting card:

LinnyDesigns / Via

For when a strongly-worded email just isn't enough.

3. These shoes:

Dariacreative / Via

For when you need to remind people, "Hey, I may be dressed and moving around, but I'm not happy about it."

4. This sweatshirt:

TeesAndTankYouShop / Via

For when you're kinda sorta definitely over all that jolly Christmas cheer.

5. These car decals:

BonedaddyBruce / Via

For expressing how you really feel towards your fellow drivers.

6. This Valentine's Day card:

LittleBambii04 / Via

For when you need to remind everyone this is the worst holiday ever.

7. This hat:

ScarletLilyCreations / Via

For when you want people to realize your ears are cold and you're pretty pissed off about it.

8. This amigurumi:

LottiesCreations / Via

For when you need to get your friend's bratty child a birthday present.

9. This clock:

ClocksGalore / Via

For when you're already running late, so what's the point of rushing?

10. This shirt:

LoveLikeShop / Via

For when your family wants to talk politics, and you're not in the mood.

11. This other shirt:

Kidies / Via

For when your friends want you to go out and party, and you'd rather just stay home and sleep.

12. This tote bag:

UptonStudios / Via

For when you're so sick of that damn song.

13. This retractable ID badge reel:

1KoolNurseKreations / Via

For when you need to remind people you're a workaholic and don't have time for chitchat.

14. This downloadable print:

HommeSurLaLune / Via

For when you're trying to teach your kids about drugs and think they'll listen to an Internet cat more than you.

15. This Dr. Who/Grumpy Cat mashup:

PrintsWithStyle / Via

For when you need to get a gift for that one friend who never stops talking about Dr. Who.

16. This magnet:

OlechkaDesign / Via

For when bae thinks he or she is Pun King/Queen of the World.

17. These cookies:

MoMsterCookies / Via

For your friend whose birthday party happens to be at the same time as the airing of the new Supernatural episode that the rest of the world is watching.

18. This bottle opener, featuring Grumpy Cat and Ron Swanson:

ToledoWoodGuru / Via

For when you feel like drinking Smirnoff and binge watching Parks and Rec all night long.

19. This parody of the Mona Lisa:

RubinoFineArt / Via

For when your art major friend graduates from college and you gotta give them a gift.

20. This poster:

KeepItFancy / Via

For when you're annoyed with people quoting The Big Bang Theory all the time.

21. This personalized rubber stamp:

KawaiiStamp / Via

For when you want people to stop touching your damn stuff.

22. Finally, this cross-stitch pattern:

CraftComplex / Via

For when people try and ask you for a favor.

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