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22 Amazing Grumpy Cat Items That Ruled Etsy

Why bother telling people how you really feel? Let these products do the talking for you.

1. This mug:

2. This greeting card:

3. These shoes:

4. This sweatshirt:

5. These car decals:

6. This Valentine's Day card:

7. This hat:

8. This amigurumi:

9. This clock:

10. This shirt:

11. This other shirt:

12. This tote bag:

13. This retractable ID badge reel:

14. This downloadable print:

15. This Dr. Who/Grumpy Cat mashup:

16. This magnet:

17. These cookies:

18. This bottle opener, featuring Grumpy Cat and Ron Swanson:

19. This parody of the Mona Lisa:

20. This poster:

21. This personalized rubber stamp:

22. Finally, this cross-stitch pattern: