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    18 Tips On Being A Good Detective As Told By "Elementary"

    "Flexing our deductive muscles, are we? I could burst with pride."

    1. Become a bibliophile.

    2. Be quick on your feet.

    3. Learn fun facts.

    4. Don't ignore the chain of command.

    5. Stay in shape.

    6. Ask the important questions.

    7. Work on your angry face game.

    8. Plan for the unexpected.

    9. Know your strengths.

    10. Know your weaknesses.

    11. Observe everything and everyone.

    12. Possess a strong memory.

    13. Enjoy the occasional slow week.

    14. Call out people on their bullshit.

    15. Get creative with your methods.

    16. Keep it honest.

    17. Don't forget to take breaks.

    Well, at least try.

    18. Always be sassy. Always.

    19. And remember, you're a badass!