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    17 Vital Life Lessons "Scooby-Doo" Taught Me

    It's so much more than a cartoon.

    1. True friends will help get you out of trouble.

    2. Face your fears head-on.

    3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing glasses.

    4. NEVER split up. Ever.

    5. Laugh often.

    6. Don't hate yourself for eating, even if it's junk food.

    7. Not all of your family sucks.

    8. Don't be content with being bored.

    9. Dance like you can't be tamed.

    10. People are going to make fun of you, so you might as well accept it.

    11. Make do with what you have.

    12. Let your crush know you like him or her.

    13. Let your talents shine.

    14. Don't let petty distractions throw you off your groove.

    15. Humans are the real monsters.

    16. Sometimes, the best friends you ever made were when you were a kid.

    17. And lastly, just because someone is different from you doesn't make him or her "weird."