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    17 Signs You're Marjorie Dawes From "Little Britain"

    You've mastered the art of encouraging and discouraging people simultaneously.

    1. You find ways to cheat the system. Sorta.

    2. You, um, only speak English.

    3. You're willing to try new things...

    4. ...and want others to try them, too.

    5. You'll even draw a chart to convince them to try said new things.

    6. You know your audience.

    7. You love cake.

    8. I mean, you really love cake.

    9. You know how to get people excited.

    10. You're kind of a bitch.

    11. A major bitch.

    12. Okay, you're just a dick.

    13. You perfected the "Bless Your Heart" face.

    14. You're not afraid to ask the hard questions.

    15. Seriously...

    16. "Working out" is a foreign concept to you.

    17. And finally, tanning isn't for you.