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16 Signs Food Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life

Just admit it already.

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1. You won't share food with anyone.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Not. At. All.

2. This is your life. THIS.

HarperCollins / Via

3. This is you on a daily basis.

ABC / Via


4. You'd rather date food than people.

Columbia Pictures / Via

And you don't care who knows it.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

5. Garfield is your spirit animal.

Jim Davis / CBS / Via

6. You sing this when it's time to eat.

20th Century Fox / Via

7. You could probably eat forever.

Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli / Via

Although you're afraid you'll turn into a pig like Chihiro/Sen's parents.

8. This is your excuse for everything.

Paramount Pictures / Via

9. No one understands you more than Dean Winchester.

The CW / Via

No one.

The CW / Via

10. Well, except maybe Jennifer Lawrence.

11. You'd literally get in a fight over the last piece of food.

CBS / Via

12. This is your life goal.

Walt Disney Productions / Via

13. This is you right before Thanksgiving.

14. Just the thought of this makes you burst with excitement.

15. "Hey, wanna get something to eat?"

CBS / Via

You. Every time. No matter what.

16. And there it is.

Cartoon Network / Via

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