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    17 Encouraging GIFs To Pick You Up When You're Feeling Down

    Sometimes, life sucks, but it doesn’t always suck.

    1. Listen to Donnie Darko:

    2. Johnny Depp knows what's up:

    3. Doctor's orders:

    4. Think of all that shit Sam Winchester's been through, and he still says this:

    5. See? Robert Downey, Jr.'s life isn't perfect, either:

    6. Jenna Marbles speaks the truth.

    7. This includes you:

    8. It worked out well for him:

    9. Woody will ease your anxieties:

    10. This is cliché, but still good advice:

    11. Phil Dunphy will be there for you:

    12. Look at this cat. He's definitely going places:

    13. This puppy is cheering you on:

    14. Embrace your uniqueness:

    15. Let out your frustrations:

    16. Hug your loved ones:

    17. And finally, always remember you have a friend in Mr. Rogers: