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    15 Annoying Struggles Of Being Named Stacey

    Go ahead, ask me if I've heard "Stacy's Mom." I dare you.

    1. No one EVER spells your name right.

    2. So, forget about getting that keychain with your name on it.

    3. You've pretty much given up on telling people how to spell it.

    4. People sing this to you all.the.time.

    5. And ask if you've seen the music video.

    6. They also wonder if you've heard this song.

    7. And watched that scene from Horrible Bosses.

    8. This gets yelled at you whenever.

    9. "Scumbag Stacy" is a meme.

    10. People ask if you've read this book.

    11. Or, if you're anything like Stacy Hirano from Phineas and Ferb.

    12. Or, even if you work here.

    13. In school, whenever teachers said, "Stay seated," it kind of sounded like your name.

    14. "So, is your name short for Anastasia?"

    15. Finally, people would give you Stacie Barbie dolls as a kid, because they thought it was funny.