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15 Reasons You Don't Like Playing Games

Board games, card games, dice games. You name it, I don't like it.

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1. People get wayyyyyy too into it.

ABC / Via

Dude, calm the hell down.

2. People cheat. Like, all the time.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

You were eight spaces away from winning a few seconds ago, not three, Grandma.

3. You just plain suck at playing any game.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via
I always lose. How is this fun?
Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

I always lose. How is this fun?

4. Many games require focused thinking.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Wait, wait, wait. You want me to do math? I thought this was supposed to be fun?

5. "Family Game Night" turns into "Family Bloodbath Night".

NBC / Via

Great, my sister has my brother in a headlock, Dad's not speaking to any of us, and Mom's drinking.

6. Winners taunt the losers.

CBS / Via

Sore winners < sore losers.

7. There's always that one person who knows every single trivia fact in existence.

Schneider's Bakery / Nickelodeon Productions
Schneider's Bakery / Nickelodeon Productions

Who are you?!

8. It ruins friendships.

Cartoon Network Studios / Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via

Dean hasn't spoken to us since the winter of '97, when he lost that zealous game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

9. People disagree on the rules.


I don't care how you play at her house, in THIS household, we treat aces as low cards.

10. Some games are way too damn complicated.

FX / Via

You could tattoo the rules on my arm, and I'll still wouldn't remember how to play.

11. No one thinks, "It's only a game."

Comedy Central / Via

For many people, it's life or death.

12. It isn't anything like playing Jumanji.

TriStar Picutures / Via

No monkeys on a motorcycle, no psychotic gunman. Nothing.

13. You're never nearly as happy as those kids in those '90s commercials.

Milton Bradley / Via

*Pretends to be that happy during game time*

14. Shouting occurs and tempers are lost.

NBC / Via

I feel like I'm going into battle.

15. No one wants you on his or her team.

The CW / Via

Well FINE. I'll just play with myself. Wait...

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