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    14 Reasons Owen From "The Way Way Back" Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

    "You gotta go your own way. And you, my friend, are going your own way."

    1. He gives great advice.

    2. He's grateful for the people in his life.

    3. He's hilarious.

    4. He'll give you that push you need.

    5. He's full of useful information.

    6. He loves that Bonnie Tyler song from Footloose.

    7. He'll stick up for you.

    8. He's cool as hell.

    9. He'll lead by example.

    10. He's sassy.

    11. He understands the world.

    12. He loves to have fun.

    13. He's respectful.

    14. And finally, he'll always believe in you.

    More people should be like Owen!