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    13 Must-Watch Horror Films From The Late 1930s

    These films fell under the Production Code, which dictated strict rules for films to follow starting in 1934. For Pre-Code horror films, check these out.

    1. The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Basic Plot: Undead 'lovers' + Freaky mini things + Death = The Bride of Frankenstein

    Fun Fact: Both Louise Brooks and David Niven were considered for roles in the film.

    2. Condemned to Live (1935)

    Invincible Pictures / Via

    Basic Plot: Unsolved murders + Vampires + Mob of villagers = Condemned to Live

    Fun Fact: Some of the costumes were previously used in The Bride of Frankenstein.

    3. Mad Love (1935)

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

    Basic Plot: Peter Lorre + Swapping hands + Urge to kill = Mad Love

    Fun Fact: Shots of the wax statue in close-up are of actress Frances Drake, not of an actual statue.

    4. The Raven (1935)

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Basic Plot: Edgar Allan Poe + Gifted surgeon + Unrequited love = The Raven

    Fun Fact: Universal Pictures encouraged theater owners to send letters to schools, persuading teachers to promote the film to students.

    5. Dracula's Daughter (1936)

    Universal Studios / Via

    Basic Plot: Can't kill the dead + Burning bodies + Fancy-schmancy ring = Dracula's Daughter

    Fun Fact: The film cost nearly $300,000 to create, one of the priciest productions for Universal in the 1930s.

    6. The Devil-Doll (1936)

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

    Basic Plot: Escaped prisoner + Tiny humans + Revenge motive = The Devil-Doll

    Fun Fact: When moving, the shrunken animals don't cast any shadows. This was one of the film's goofs.

    7. The Man Who Lived Again (1936)

    Gaumont British Distributors / Via

    Basic Plot: Boris Karloff + Brain swapping + Mad scientist = The Man Who Lived Again

    Fun Fact: The original title of the film was The Man Who Changed His Mind.

    8. The Walking Dead (1936)

    Warner Bros. / First National / Via

    Basic Plot: Boris Karloff + Frame job + Resurrection = The Walking Dead

    Fun Fact: Boris Karloff voiced concerns about his character resembling Frankenstein's Monster, the role that made him famous.

    9. The Dark Eyes of London (1939)

    Argyle Film / Via

    Basic Plot: Insurance agency + Blindness + Murder = The Dark Eyes of London

    Fun Facts: The Dark Eyes of London is the original British title. The film was released in the United States as The Human Monster. Also, this film received Britain's first "H" rating, which stood for "Horrific."

    10. The Man They Could Not Hang (1939)

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Basic Plot: Cryonics + Death + Revenge motive = The Man They Could Not Hang

    Fun Fact: One of the taglines for the film was simply, "Weird! Horrifying! Fascinating!"

    11. The Return of Doctor X (1939)

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Basic Plot: Humphrey Bogart + Drained of blood + Series of murders = The Return of Doctor X

    Fun Fact: Despite the title, the film is not connected with Doctor X (1933).

    12. Son of Frankenstein (1939)

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Basic Plot: Following in Daddy's footsteps + Ygor + Child abduction = Son of Frankenstein

    Fun Fact: Donny Dunagan, who played Peter von Frankenstein, was the original voice of Bambi the deer in Disney's Bambi (1942).

    13. Torture Ship (1939)

    Producers Distributing Corporation / Via

    Basic Plot: Rogue experiments + Criminals + Doctor with an agenda = Torture Ship

    Fun Fact: The film is based on Jack London's story, A Thousand Deaths.

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