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25 Foods That Share Your Pain On A Spiritual Level

You are not alone.

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1. This jalapeƱo that had no idea what it was going to do after college.

2. These carrots that accidentally called their teacher "mom."

3. This lemon that thought it was looking at the correct screen in Mario Kart, but it wasn't.

4. This olive that told someone, "You too," when wished a happy birthday.

5. This banana that waited for a text reply for 30 minutes, only to realize it even didn't send the message.

6. This plum cake that was ready to leave, but its mom was still talking.

7. These eggs that didn't know there was a backside to the test.

8. This macaroni that accidentally hit "reply all" to that intimate message.


9. This tomato that just missed its bus.

10. This apple that waited until after the argument to think of the perfect comeback.

11. This yogurt that waited to the last minute to finish its 10-page paper.

12. This bread that thought it did better on the math test.


13. This cookie that didn't know the dog would die in the kids movie.

14. This onion that was having a good hair day until it stepped outside.

15. This pretzel that remembered it left the oven on.

16. This candy bar that had a funny idea for a tweet, but it was 141 characters long.

17. This pie that knew it was going to have to do the entire group project by itself.

18. This cantaloupe that left its charger at home, and its phone just died.

19. This cheese that kept having to explain how technology worked to its family.

20. This pepper that was super pissed at the person who reminded the teacher about homework.

21. This kiwi that poured a bowl of cereal, only to realize it was out of milk.

22. This potato that was trying to read, but its friends wouldn't stop talking.

23. This celery that got all dressed up, but had nowhere to go.

24. This ham that kept having to tell its family it was still single.

25. And, this watermelon that just remembered all the stupid things it said to its crush.