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The One Thing You Never Noticed In "Full House"

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Two years ago, Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) snapped a photo in front of the house, and look, STILL NO ATTIC.

Bob Saget on WhoSay

That's not possible, because if you actually look at the attic, the roof is pointed.

ABC / Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

See how it's slanting upwards? A flat rooftop doesn't make any sense.

If there was all this random empty space up there, are we just expected to believe it sat there, unused, until Uncle Jesse and his family moved in?

Reddit user retailextraordinaire suggested, "It had all of Danny's wife's belongings in it. He used to sneak up there and talk to them and smell her clothes. When he finally started dating again, he cleared it out and made Jesse's room."

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