Five Ways Hitler Makes The Internet Better

Hitler might have been the least funny thing in history, but that doesn’t stop Hitler-related memes from being super funny. Here are five of the best Hitlers ever.

1. Ignore Hitler

The mobile game, Draw Something, became a global phenomenon recently, but as with all iPhone and Android games, the novelty has started to wear off. That is, of course, until I found ‘Ignore Hitler.’. Draw Something is a whole new level of awesome when you include irrelevant Fuhrers.

2. Cats that Look Like Hitler

Apparently, some cats look like Hitler.

3. ‘Hitler Reacts’ Parody Videos

‘Der Untergang,’ (the Downfall) was a film that charted Hitler’s demise. It has since been saturating Youtube with videos entitled “Hitler Reacts to [insert current affair here].” If you’ve never seen these before (have you been locked in a cupboard?) do a search on Youtube for “Hitler reacts,” or “Hitler finds out,” and you’ll come across thousands of them.

4. Hipser Hitler

Hipster Hitler is a very witty comic strip. I particularly like Hitler’s ‘Aryan Idol’ t-shirt.

Advice Hitler is a meme with mixed results. But some (like the above example) are hilarious!

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