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Five Ways Hitler Makes The Internet Better

Hitler might have been the least funny thing in history, but that doesn't stop Hitler-related memes from being super funny. Here are five of the best Hitlers ever.

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Ignore Hitler


The mobile game, Draw Something, became a global phenomenon recently, but as with all iPhone and Android games, the novelty has started to wear off. That is, of course, until I found 'Ignore Hitler.'. Draw Something is a whole new level of awesome when you include irrelevant Fuhrers.

'Hitler Reacts' Parody Videos

'Der Untergang,' (the Downfall) was a film that charted Hitler's demise. It has since been saturating Youtube with videos entitled "Hitler Reacts to [insert current affair here]." If you've never seen these before (have you been locked in a cupboard?) do a search on Youtube for "Hitler reacts," or "Hitler finds out," and you'll come across thousands of them.

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