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Zareen Khan Dropped Some Truth Bombs About Being Fat Shamed In Bollywood

"It took an item number and getting into a bikini for Bollywood to accept me."

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In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Zareen Khan opened up about being shamed for her weight in an industry that holds women up to unrealistic beauty standards.

She went on to reveal that the industry is fairly shallow:

"I have come to understand that — no matter how nice you are as a person — unless you are pretty to look at and in great physical shape, nobody wants to talk to you. They'll talk to you based on your appearance. The personality that one talks about is secondary. It is sad but it just how it is in the superficial world that we live in. Fat is considered ugly in our country."

And how she paid her dues to get noticed.

But Zareen wants others to know that "nobody should be allowed to dominate you" and that is the most boss-ass thing to always remember.