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Posted on 28 Dec 2015

Kriti Sanon Called Out A Guy For Watching A Pirated Version Of "Dilwale" RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER

Oh, come on.

Dilwale actress Kriti Sanon was recently travelling to Delhi with her mom.

Kriti Sanon / Via Twitter

But her mood was soured as she caught a man watching a pirated version of Dilwale on his phone, right in front of her.

Kriti Sanon / Via Twitter

Sanon was understandably ticked off by the man.

Kriti Sanon / Via Twitter

Turns out she even politely asked the man to properly enjoy the film in a theatre, but the latter was really into flaunting his phone-projector and didn't care two hoots about Sanon's request.

Kriti Sanon / Via Twitter

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