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Here's How Sunny Leone Really Feels About Her Mega-Viral Interview And Aamir Khan's Reaction To It

"I don't have it in my personality to just walk away because I feel uncomfortable with questions."

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Sunny Leone spoke to BBC UK about her recent viral interview with Bhupendra Chaubey and how she felt when Bollywood came out in support of her. Here are a few things she said:

On what she felt about the interview before it went viral:

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Leone said that Chaubey's style of interviewing is what threw her off a little. But she says that she chose to sit through the interview and answer all the questions to the best of her abilities.

On why she chose not to walk out despite the questions being insensitive:

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Sunny chose to gracefully hold her ground as she thought, "He (the interviewer) has questions, he has his own sensibilities and his own style of interviewing. But all these questions have been asked to me many times before. It was just the style that was different."

On what she thinks about Bollywood celebrities supporting her, after having shunned her for most of her time in the industry:

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The film fraternity has shown Sunny massive support but when asked if she feels a sense of belonging now, she said that she is waiting for the dust to settle and find out who actually sticks around after the controversy dies down.