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    27 Jul 2016

    Katrina Kaif Confessed What She Was Really Thinking While Slayyyyin' In "Kala Chashma"

    Turns out that Aamir's not the only perfectionist in the industry.

    Baar Baar Dekho's throwback earworm "Kala Chashma" dropped today and it has Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif performing choreography I will try out at every Sangeet this year.

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    Ever since the song came out, everybody has been talking about Katrina's moves:

    #KatrinaKaif is going to break the Internet today. Or maybe her abs! #Nostradamus

    I can keep the song on mute and only watch katrina's abs and moves. She is OMG

    Katrina Kaif is a dance queen, don't fight me on this. #KalaChashma

    #KalaChashma has murdered me? Like, what is this, Katrina Kaif? Is anyone allowed to look THIS HOT and dance THIS WELL? Please stop.

    A girl from the West killing the Desi dance moves is really commendable. 👏🏼 #KatrinaKaif

    But can we for a second take a look at what Katrina posted on Facebook recently:

    She posted about what actually went through her mind while she looked effortlessly flawless shooting for the song:

    Expression - "We having a blast, this is like a breeze"

    Actual Thought- "That step was not right I think we should do another 15 takes, the wind blower is not in the right place, oh no, I should have rehearsed more!"

    Katrina, thank you for reminding us that looking like a goddamn scene-stealer takes a lot of effort.

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