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This Dog And His Human Failed SPECTACULARLY At Taking This Instagram Video

This will never not be funny.

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Remember Skye aka Indian Dogue who has an Instagram full of pictures of him dressed up in adorable outfits?

Here is a video of Skye, failing hard at being human because of his human.

I have made a mesmerising GIF in case you are too busy for an Instagram video to load.

Humans should not try to bend the laws of nature. What is not man must never be compelled to act like one.

This is a tragic metaphor for the dangerous consequences that ensue when a dog is pushed by an overly-cynical society to act like a human.

Thankfully, Skye did the right thing and walked away from the crime scene. You save your dignity, little dogue. They've got nothing on you.

P.S. His exit is hella smooth. I can't help but applaud.

You can follow Skye’s Instagram here.