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    Posted on 7 Apr 2016

    This Instagram Account Photoshops Ranveer And Deepika Into Hollywood Movie Posters

    Go home other DeepVeer fanclubs, this one has killed it.

    Instagram account @rsdp_fc, i.e. Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone Fan Club, has been fawning over the couple's chemistry pretty properly. For 9 days, the account has posted Hollywood movie posters with #DeepVeer swapped in as protagonists.

    The account is run by two teenage girls from the Maldives. "It started off with the Mr. & Mrs. Smith poster to show one of our friends how nicely Ranveer and Deepika fit into those characters," they told BuzzFeed. "Seeing them both so happy together, makes us happy."

    Their photoshop game has been stunning and here are the posters:

    You're welcome, Ranveer and Deepika.

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