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    This Dog Fooled Varun Dhawan And John Abraham Into Believing That He's Doing Push-Ups With 'Em

    Not just a good boy.

    Guys, meet Maximus, a.k.a. the most important actor in Varun Dhawan and John Abraham-starrer Dishoom.

    Viral Bhayani

    Look at his baller-ass movie poster. He is a superstar.

    Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

    Being one of the most essential cast members, Maximus attended the press conference to celebrate the movie's success.

    Viral Bhayani


    At this point I should inform you that apart from being a part-time actor and a full-time good boy, Maximus is also a scheming con-artist.

    That's the face of a conniving doggo.

    Look closely at this photo of Dhawan and Abraham doing push-ups next to Maximus.

    Viral Bhayani

    Looks like they are all having a good time, staying healthy, working on their arm strength, right? WRONG.

    Viral Bhayani

    This deceitful dog has simply fooled two A-list actors into believing that he is actually putting any effort into doing any real push-ups.

    Viral Bhayani

    Dhawan and Abraham may be gullible but I see through your tricks, doggy.

    But also, nicely done you cheeky trickster.

    Viral Bhayani

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