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    19 Photos Of "Lion" Actor Sunny Pawar That'll Force You To Have A Better Day

    His cuteness is inversely proportional to his size.

    1. Hi. If you don't know of the abundantly talented and abundantly smol 8-year-old actor Sunny Pawar, who made his movie debut in the Oscar-nominated Lion, you are living a sad life.

    2. Because each and every moment of this tiny child's existence captured on camera has been nothing but ovary-imploding cuteness.

    3. When he was escorted on to the Golden Globes stage by Dev, we marvelled at nature's big and small creations with equal adoration.

    4. And when Dev prevented himself from towering over his colleague any longer, our hearts left our bodies to be with him.

    5. This is a photo of him with the Stranger Things kids you might want to frame forever.

    6. It's honestly beautiful to have multiple photos of Sunny, giving his thumbs up to all of your life's decisions.

    7. He wants you to live your best life. He wishes for you to be your best selves.

    8. And most of all, he has faith in you even on days you don't.

    9. If you haven't caught on yet, the thumbs up is Sunny's signature pose and we should aspire to be this encouraging to one another as humankind.

    10. Sunny giving a thumbs up to the world is the only motivational poster we'll need.

    11. When he's not busy being the world's best cheerleader, Sunny spends his time admiring dank memes on his older friends' phones.

    12. And he loves making Dev crack up.

    13. He even makes Nicole go, "Sunny staaahp, I'm trying to look poised for this picture at a high profile event."

    14. Some information for you because we're all friends: looking at this photo of little Sunny sitting in a giant chair, I muttered "I'm ready to have kids" under my breath.

    15. Basically, any photo involving Sunny sitting in a chair three times his size is precious.

    16. He has a great sense of humour about his compact size.

    17. I think you have enough photos of Sunny to make a joyful collage that you can gift yourself on your next birthday.

    18. I'm kidding, you don't.

    19. This is the last one. Your life is now complete. Bless you all.