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11 Faces Every Girl On Her Period Can Relate To

Same Sunny, same.

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1. When you sense it is time for Aunt Flo's visit.

Santoshi Productions / Via Rediff

2. When you feel bloated.

Eros International / Via Rediff

3. When your chocolate craving has got no chill.

Rajkumar Santoshi / Via Rediff

4. When your boobs are sensitive AF so you just want time to stand still.

Via Fanpop

5. When your emotions are all over the place.


6. When bae says “Are you PMS-ing?” and the idea of ripping his tongue out seems legit.

Vijayata Films / Via itimes

7. When you realize it is not okay to punch someone in the face just because

8. When you are sitting on the toilet trying to figure out if it's poop or cramps.

YPD Films Ltd. / Via TOI

9. When someone walks in on you while you’re questioning the gender-biased laws of nature.

Via Startimes

10. When you've stained but you couldn't care less.


11. When you think about all the women who are in this with you.

Eros International

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