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    Here Are Some Wonderfully Wise, Powerful And Important Things Richa Chadha Said In Her TEDx Talk

    Preach, Richa. Preach.

    We know that Richa Chadha is a treasure trove of talent and badassery. She has never shied away from talking about the important issues.

    Quite recently, she was invited to give a talk at a TEDx event about loving art in oneself and not oneself in art. There she spoke of battling an eating disorder, her attempt to fit into a fairly nepotistic film industry, and picking happiness in real life over reel life.

    On the crumbling pressures of surviving in Bollywood:

    On how she deals with "criticism" such as this:

    On finding peace in a brutally competitive industry:

    On being an inspiration to girls who look up to her:

    You can watch her entire speech here:

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