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    Posted on 9 Sep 2016

    Acid Attack Survivor Reshma Qureshi Said Walking The NYFW Runway Would Empower Others Like Her

    "I don't want the world to look at acid attack survivors differently."

    19-year-old model Reshma Qureshi, who survived an acid attack in 2014, sashayed down the runway at the New York Fashion Week on Thursday.

    Trevor Collens / AFP / Getty Images
    TREVOR COLLENS/AFP / Getty Images

    She walked for Archana Kochhar's collection.

    This is the first time she ever walked at a fashion show, so Qureshi was obviously a bundle of nerves. But she described the experience as joyful.

    And this is the takeaway she wants you to have.

    You can watch Qureshi talk about being a runway model at the NYFW here:

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