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Shah Rukh Khan Is Instagramming Severely Creepy Videos And I'm More Concerned Than Horrified

I love you SRK but what the actual fuck?

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Up until the early evening of September 29, 2016, Shah Rukh Khan's Instagram had been about innocuous Boomerangs...

Hipster photos of himself...

And creatively choreographed pictures of his children.

But everything changed on the evening of September 29, 2016, when Shah Rukh decided to upload some demonic footage of him talking about how he loves clicking pictures of his youngest son AbRam, but hates how overexposed he is on social media.

Warning.⚠️⚠️⚠️ The following footage may (fucking will) creep you out irrevocably.

Instagram: @iamsrk

Your electronic devices are now probably possessed by a demon that snacks on unicorns and babies.

P.S. That's SRK's son AbRam with a paper towel over his head, with two holes for eyes and a third one for the mouth. He is obviously not talking in the video because he's three years old. I hope and I pray.

And while I was writing about that video, navigating the heebie jeebies, he uploaded two more with Anushka Sharma.

Check behind the shower curtains. Double check the locks. Keep a knife under your pillow. Goodnight.