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People Are Seriously Done With Their Social Media Overflowing With Divyanka Tripathi's Wedding Updates

"Who is Divyanka Tripathi?"

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Divyanka Tripathi is one of Indian television's most popular actresses. She got married to actor Vivek Dahiya on July 8 in Bhopal.

Viral Bhayani
Viral Bhayani

She plays the lead in Star Plus's Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, which is currently one of the highest rated TV shows in India.

For the last week, literally every Indian news/media outlet in existence has widely covered every single ceremony related to the couple's wedding in excruciating detail.


And they miggghhhtttt have gone a ~little~ overboard.

For a while, the actress has been a trending topic on Facebook.


People are severely confused about the extensive media coverage Tripathi's wedding has received.

First of all who is Divyanka Tripathi?

I have seen more Divyanka Tripathi & Vivek Dahiya's wedding photos than any of my family members'.& I don't even know who the hell they are!

Some girl called Divyanka Tripathi got married and Internet is having a field week. Who is she by the way? Why so much noise?

Divyanka Tripathi is to Twitter what the Airtel girl is to Television.

Some are outraging against news outlets having zero chill.

Bloody all #NewsChannels obsessed with this #VivekDahiya #DivyankaTripathi marriage. It sucks!


2021:#DivyankaTripathi has a baby. 10 things baby does,7th is adorbs Baby ko lace pasand hai, on her frock obv 50 lists on baby saying Mumma

And some are sarcastically congratulating Tripathi's PR team.

The PR Team of Divyanka Tripathi deserves all the accolades and multiple monetary raise. What a fabulous job!!

After the wedding of #DivyankaTripathi, the second most to be talked of after Kate & Prince William's, kejriwal to hire her PR managers.

The coverage pissed off publicist and writer Sulagna Chatterjee enough to write a blog.

I’m Done With Divyanka Tripathi, and here’s why.

Chatterjee writes about how Tripathi's PR machinery has allegedly milked her wedding to get her maximum publicity and how it is putting people off because even the most minor details about her wedding are presented to the public, making her less and less enigmatic as a celebrity.