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    A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend In The Middle Of A Stand-Up Comedy Show

    Take notes, prospective suitors.

    Comedy collective East India Comedy were recently performing a set.

    Facebook: EastIndiaComedy

    They were discussing how Madhur Bhandarkar's Calendar Girls was a really bad movie.

    During their act they were heckled by a man who seemed to have really enjoyed Calendar Girls.

    The EIC boys ragged the heckler a little for his strange fascination with the Bhandarkar movie.

    The heckler wasn't there to take any of that quietly.

    And he made this request...

    EIC, of course, complied.


    But that wasn't his final demand...

    AND THEN...


    BuzzFeed reached out to EIC's Sapan Varma and he said, "This guy messaged us on Twitter saying that he wants to surprise his girlfriend. So we said we will call you onstage before the break. But then he heckled and did all of this improptu. We didn't even know what he looked like. We had thought we would just announce his name and give him the stage to do it formally. He heckled and all which was more fun actually."

    Well played heckler. Well played.

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