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14 Of The Most Bawaal Things To Have Ever Happened In Kanpur

Kanpuriya news stories ki rangbaazi toh dekhiye.

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3. When an 82-year-old woman came back from the dead to reunite with her family after 40 years.

Representational image / Via Tauseef Mustafa / AFP / Getty Images

This woman who was presumed dead from a snake bite back in 1976, came back to her family 40 years later in 2016. After finding her unconscious from the snake bite the family member performed her last rites by immersing her in the Ganges. She floated away to a nearby village, regained consciousness, lost her memory and remembered her family years later.

4. When a woman filed an FIR against a chain-snatching monkey and bamboozled the police.

Representational image / Via Rob Elliott / AFP / Getty Images

A woman tried to lodge an police complaint against a monkey for snatching her gold chain but the police couldn't help her because they didn't know which monkey to book for the offence.


5. When an accounting error resulted in ₹95,71,16,98,647.14 in this lady's bank account.

Kanpur's Urmila Yadav was SHOOK to find out that her State Bank of India account, into which she'd only deposited a sum of ₹2,000, had a balance of approximately ₹95,000 crores for a day.

7. When a pregnant woman stood in an ATM bank queue for two days in a row and eventually delivered her baby in the bank.

Representational image / Via Narinder Nanu / AFP / Getty Images

Back in December, 2016 (during the demonetisation fiasco) a 30-year-old woman went into labour after waiting for her turn in an ATM queue for two days and delivered a baby girl inside a branch of Punjab National Bank.

8. When a government employee bride and a businessman groom called off their wedding over their opposing views on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Karel Prinsloo / AFP / Getty Images

Right before the pheras, the soon-to-be married couple started discussing the country's current economic status. While the bride thought that Modi's governance wasn't up to the mark, the groom was an ardent Modi supporter. Due to the clash of opinions, the wedding was cancelled.


9. When angered citizens chucked a municipal corporation official into a garbage dumb.

Sick of the unhygienic conditions in their locality, the angry residents lifted a local corporator to throw him directly into an open pile of garbage.

10. When a soon-to-be wedded couple's relatives got into a fist fight arguing over what music to be play at the wedding.

Representational image / Via

Things got heated when relatives at a wedding couldn't land on what music to play, "DJ Wale Babu" or the "Naagin dance" tune. Physical fight ensued and six people were arrested by the police.

11. When the Kanpur district administration hired two big monkeys to curb the smaller monkey invasions at the cricket ground.

Representational image / Via Ishara S.KODIKARA / Getty Images

In October 2015, the district administration hired two langurs to control the monkeys causing a ruckus at the Green Park Stadium ahead of an ODI between India and South Africa.

12. When a chicken bit a 17-year-old and stirred shit between the man it bit and it's owner.

Representational image / Via Jean-francois Monier / AFP / Getty Images

A chicken bit a 17-year-old boy who in turn kicked the bird thus angering the chicken's owner, and his own father, who later beat him up. The chicken's owner and was put behind bars after his chicken was returned to him.

13. And when a bride cancelled her wedding after the groom couldn't tell her what's 15+6.

Representational image / Via

A bride grew suspicious of her husband lacking education when she posed a simple math problem and he failed to answer correctly. She ended the wedding ceremony right there.