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    Posted on 19 Jun 2017

    16 Times Twinkle Khanna Was Hilariously Savage

    What did we do to deserve her?

    1. When she earnestly retold her origin story.

    2. When she beautifully described her friendship with Karan Johar.

    3. When she shook Akshay Kumar.


    4. When she put out this apt matrimonial ad for Salman Khan.

    5. When she was mom of the year.

    Twitter: @mrsfunnybones / Via Twitter

    6. When she didn't want to write about her career as an interior designer.

    7. When she made a solid point.

    Twitter: @mrsfunnybones / Via Twitter

    8. When she deduced why Karan was attracted to her during their teenage years.


    9. When she set the tone for self-deprecating humour early on in life.

    10. When she made a spot-on analogy.

    STRDEL/AFP / Getty Images

    11. When she stated this fact.

    12. When she didn't spare her four-year-old daughter.

    13. When she had a scathing review of Karan's writing skills.


    14. When she made this discovery.

    15. When she had no time for "rakhi bros".

    16. And when she had this grand idea for mass destruction.

    Twitter: @mrsfunnybones / Via Twitter

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