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    Posted on 29 Dec 2015

    East India Comedy's Latest Video Recounts How India Wasn't All Bad In 2015

    'Sometimes it's good to look back and realise that everything doesn't suck."

    Comedy collective East India Comedy ran a video series this year called the EIC Outrage, where the comedians get together to furiously discuss social issues that piss them off.

    But for their last EIC Outrage of 2015, the comedians decided to discuss some of the positive and reassuring stories that reaffirmed our faith in India.

    They started with talking about Air India reporting operational profitability after an eight-year hiatus.

    They also reminisced how this year in Mumbai, Hindus welcomed 13,000 Muslims to offer Eid prayers in a Ganpati pandal.

    They lauded WIPRO chairman Azim Premji for being the first billionaire to sign up for the 'Giving Pledge' initiative and donating $8.5 billion to primary education in India.

    They congratulated Cochin Airport for becoming the first ever 100% solar powered airport in the world.

    They doffed their hats to Harman Singh, the Sikh student from New Zealand who saved the life of a 5 year-old boy by taking off his turban.

    They praised ISRO for winning the Space Pioneer Award after it launched Mangalyan which was the cheapest mission to Mars.

    And finally, they celebrated Munna Das, the baller from Kolkata who knocked down a guy that attempted to molest her.

    That felt really nice.

    You can watch the entire outrage here:

    View this video on YouTube

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