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    Posted on 25 Oct 2016

    The "Kahaani 2" Trailer Is Super Thrilling And Will Probably Stress You Out

    P.S. Vidya Balan will make you more curious than she did in Kahaani.

    The trailer of Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani 2 just dropped and the movie looks wayyy more intriguing than Kahaani.

    Like a 100x more mysterious and thrilling.

    Arjun Rampal plays sub-inspector Indrajeet Singh, who is working on the case of a hit-and-run victim. While investigating, he finds out about the victim, Durga Rani Singh's criminal past.

    Vidya Balan plays Durga Rani Singh, a murder suspect and alleged kidnapper.

    She is shown to share an affectionate relationship with her daughter Milli.

    Milli hints at being troubled...

    And tells Durga that she'll have to set things straight on her own...

    And then this happens:

    So wait, what happens to the little girl? WHAT HAPPENS TO HER?


    The trailer keeps the plot shrouded in mystery but we'll find out more once the movie releases on December 2, 2016.

    Sidenote: Jugal Hansraj is also in this movie.

    This will be his first film after a five-year hiatus.

    Please watch the trailer here:

    View this video on YouTube

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