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18 Things That Will Make Every Introvert Go "Same"

I like you but I don't wish to interact with you.

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1. You like living on the fringes of society.

2. This is you:

Tips Films / Via Tumblr

3. Being home alone thrills you unreasonably.

UTV Motion Pictures / Via Tumblr

4. You can't even with people who are trying to get you out of your "shell".

UTV Motion Pictures / Via Tumblr

5. Your friends have grudgingly made peace with your decision to stay in the corner at every social event.


6. And you have made peace with being mocked in their Instagrams and Snapchat stories for being aloof.

7. This is how you dance at parties, before making a swift exit:

Colors TV / Via Tumblr

8. You make plans to hang with friends but often end up apologizing for ditching just because of the kind of person you are.

UTV Motion Pictures / Via Tumblr

9. But people continue to mistake you for being stuck up and so you have gradually started to not give a shit.

UTV Motion Pictures / Via Tumblr

10. Your idea of a good time never involves spending it with other humans.

Dharma Productions / Via Tumblr

11. Your bed is your one true love.

UTV Motion Pictures / Via Tumblr

12. You are tired of being told to "stop being the quiet one" or "snap out of it".

Eros International / Via Tumblr

It's not a phase people, it's a personality trait.

13. You are a pro at sneaking out of social engagements.

Tips Films / Via Tumblr

14. You'd rather smile and nod than "speak up".

T-Series Films / Via Tumblr

15. Meeting new people = WORST NIGHTMARE.

SLB Films / Via Tumblr

16. When your friend invites their other friend to hang without giving you a heads up, you are just like:

Eros International / Via Tumblr

17. You often wonder if you'll die alone.

UTV Motion Pictures / Via Tumblr

18. But when you finally meet someone who gets that you aren't anti-social but just someone who loves to spend time alone, you feel grateful.

UTV Motion Pictures / Via Tumblr