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    17 Hilarious Moments From Alia Bhatt And Varun Dhawan's "Koffee With Karan" Episode

    Varun's general knowledge is no better than Alia's.

    Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan were tonight's guests on Koffee With Karan.

    The two have already made separate appearances this season, but they returned to promote their upcoming movie Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

    Here are the most hilarious moments from the episode:

    1. When Karan Johar wanted Varun to curb his attention-seeking ways.

    2. When Varun recollected being yelled at by Karan on a film set.

    3. When Varun and Alia demonstrated peak sibling behaviour.

    4. When Varun tried to shame Alia for being diplomatic.

    5. When Varun pulled out a hilarious home video that featured a very hangry Alia.

    6. When Varun just wanted to be blown... by a fan.

    7. When Varun possibly gifted Alia a vibrator on national television.

    8. When Karan didn't give a shit.

    9. When Varun accidentally sounded like a child kidnapper.

    10. When Alia exposed Varun's drunk thoughts.

    11. When Varun trash-talked Alia.

    12. And almost got hit by a cushion because of it.

    Chat shit, get hit, Varun.

    13. When despite having the cushion flung at him, an incorrigible Varun trash-talked Alia again and was made to regret it instantly.

    14. When Alia roasted Varun for his unawareness regarding Indian politics.

    Look how the tables turn.

    15. When Varun and Alia wanted Karan to have a taste of his own medicine.

    16. When Alia, for a brief moment, re-evaluated her entire relationship with her mentor.

    17. And when Karan joked about his home production possibly tanking at the box office.

    Watch the episode here.

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