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    Here's The Real Reason Raveena Tandon Was Overheard Cursing About The Press

    Just some facts you should know.

    Last night, a Twitter user uploaded this 7-second video of Raveena Tandon colourfully cursing out reporters and their “freedom of press”. The clip was shared widely across platforms.

    #India is definitely a #tolerant nation but can the same be said about you @TandonRaveena ? 😆😂 PS-dnt block me pls😢

    Some news websites reported that the clip was recorded at a "recent event". In reality, it was recorded 4 years ago on the set of Tandon's film Shobhana's 7 Nights, where she was filming with Anupam Kher.

    When reporters asked Tandon to pose for photos, she said:

    Tandon also clarified on Twitter that the video that is now going viral is just taken out of context and indulging in sensationalism.

    Watch how the incident actually unfolded here:

    View this video on YouTube

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