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I NEED Someone To Look At Me The Way Ranveer Looks At Deepika

I think I deserve it, okay.

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Ranveer Singh just could not stop staring at Deepika Padukone as she addressed the media after winning the Best Actress award at IIFA recently.

And he was not subtle about it.

At. All.

He looked at her as if she is the most important creation in the universe.

Everybody in the room obviously pointed out how Ranveer had been "looking intently" at Deepika. And this is what he said:

You too have a Best Actor trophy in front of you, Ranveer. Perhaps, take a break from admiring how gorgeous your bae is to talk about that?

Deepika literally told him the same thing.

But no. He can’t stop. He won’t stop.

Ranveer's relentless gaze knew no chill.

Ranveer's relentless gaze knew no chill.

Looking at Ranveer gazing at Deepika felt like a personal attack because I have zero number of people who would look at me like that.

Ranveer needs to understand that this sets an unrealistic standard.

Because people don’t love like this anymore. They don’t understand this genre of admiration in love as a concept.

To conclude, we have learnt that due to the lack of Ranveer-like men, I will be a single mother to twelve cats.

Watch him gazing at Deepika here:

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