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    9 Tooootally Doable Celeb Workouts That'll Make You Look Like They Do

    Congrats, your dreams are totally accessible.

    For GENERATIONS, every man and woman in India has striven to look like a Bollywood star. Turns out it’s SUUUUUPER easy, doable, and realistic, you guys!

    #WowSuchAccessibleBeautyStandards #MainBhiDeepikaPadukone

    1. Let's start with an easy one. You can look as gorgeous as Deepika Padukone here, suspended mid-air.

    Instagram: @yasminkarachiwala

    What you need:

    * Ropes

    * A chill, vacant spot in the metro

    * Complete lack of inhibition and disregard for personal comfort

    2. Here is Varun Dhawan walking upside down because obviously, it's no big deal. And you can do it too.

    Instagram: @namratapurohit

    What you need:

    * A secluded jungle gym with NO kids (absence of kids is absolutely essential)

    * Just get REALLY high

    3. Alia Bhatt's workout makes her look damn fine and you can also look that way.

    What you need:

    * A hard bed

    * A hot date to watch you perform

    4. You can build your core strength like Malaika Arora Khan.

    What you need:

    * Mom's dupattas that you can tear apart without getting the chittar from her

    * Fur handcuffs that can fit your calves

    * Curtain rods in your living room

    * Curiosity to find out what really happens when a skull cracks open

    5. You can have toned AF legs like Jacqueline Fernandez.

    What you need:

    * A skateboard

    * A pair of legs you don't need anymore

    6. If Bipasha Basu can unleash the monkey in her to look fit, you can too.

    What you need:

    * A life-long ambition to become a ball

    * Some kind of emotional or personal connect with Mowgli

    * Extra cash lying around in the bank to indulge in reparative arm surgeries

    7. You can try out this insanely easy handstand like Malaika Arora Khan.

    What you need:

    * A mailbox

    * A mop to clean the dog piss, bird shit and paan stains off the mailbox

    * The will to survive a multiple nuclear blasts in your elbows and wrists

    8. I am not too sure which part of the body this exercise is for but you should definitely try it because HAVE YOU SEEN DEEPIKA?

    What you need:

    * Two upper berth tickets in a train to the Bangin' Bod station (DO NOT travel unreserved)

    * A list of all the horrible things your ex said while dumping you

    9. And there is no reason for you not to try out what Jacqueline is doing here.

    What you need:

    * Two rickety chairs placed parallel to each other

    * The Karate Kid soundtrack

    * A spot on the ceiling to look at for 2 seconds

    * A genuine belief that spinal cords are for losers

    It's best not to question what you just read. Quietly try these sets and see the amazing results for yourself.

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