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Someone Please Explain How Deepika Can Look So Good Wearing Fucking PJs


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Deepika Padukone recently attended an event in Madrid wearing this ChloƩ "pantsuit". Let's be real, Deepika is wearing PJs. I can see myself in bed, wearing them.

It is legitimate sleepwear. I found this picture of Selena Gomez wearing a similar outfit. And she too seems to be headed straight to bed.

I have two questions about this. First of all, HOW DARE SHE LOOK LIKE A SMOKESHOW IN A PAIR OF FRICKIN' PJs?

How has it come to this?

How has it come to this?

Secondly, by wearing these ridiculously comfortable-looking PJs, is she dropping subtle hints that her work schedule is exhausting and she needs more sleep?

Here, Deepika. I hope this helps somehow.

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