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    This Champion Boyfriend Grudgingly Tried To Set His Girlfriend Up On A Date With Kanan Gill

    A whole new world of #BoyfriendGoals.

    Stand-up comedian Kanan Gill plays the leading man in all your wedding fantasies.

    He is a perpetual threat to happy relationships. But recently, Gill received a Facebook message from this ultra secure boyfriend.

    And, he laid out some "rules" which were a ~bit~ much.

    Gill posted a screenshot of the message on Facebook.

    Facebook: kanangill

    This human package of boyfriend goals must really love his girlfriend.

    And almost everybody in the comments section started tagging their friends and boyfriends, demanding to be set up in a similar fashion whilst lauding our new hero for being the pioneer.

    Current life goal: Get a man who tries to set you up with the guy you tell him not to worry about.