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    This GIF Of Priyanka Chopra Is The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

    You won't stop relating to this.

    Priyanka Chopra was in attendance at Manish Malhotra's Lakme fashion week show in 2014, looking impossibly flawless.

    And that's where this went down:

    Via Twitter: @PriyankaMemes

    The Twitter handle @PriyankaMemes shared it first but later deleted it.

    But THANK THE LORD, because this GIF still exists.

    literally me irl when i have to talk to anyone ever

    It is something that will make you feel closer to Priyanka. That glorious, sassy-ass bitch face.

    Via Twitter: @PriyankaMemes

    Isn't this utterly brilliant?

    That's the face you make after engaging in small talk with someone you hate.

    And it's also the face you make after talking to your ex.

    That's the face you make after fake-lauding your frenemy.

    It's the face you make after a forced conversation with the nosy aunty your mom is friends with.

    And also the face you make when your boss cracks a shit joke.

    Hey! That's the face you make after a friend tells you a story that you weren't into from the word go.

    AND it's probably the face Miss Colombia made after congratulating Miss Philippines.

    It's fairly obvious that we have lost it. Please send help.