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    Because You Deserve Joy: Here's Sunny Leone Playing With The Smolest Pup I've Ever Seen

    Listen, we can all conclusively agree that the world is a fairly f*cked up place. But once in a while, a small puppy bites a famous person's nose, and you are allowed to feel happy for 60 seconds.

    Sunny Leone got to chill with the smallest puppy available on planet Earth at the PETA office recently.

    Meet tiny pupper Lucy who Leone helped get adopted. I'll grant you 15 seconds to squeal at her size and cuteness.

    Lucy, being a pocket-sized manipulator of feelings, made Leone fall head over heels in love with her.

    I'm not making this up, Leone's caption for this Instagram was literally just "Love love love!!"

    She gently bit Leone's nose and I WANT LUCY TO BITE MY NOSE TOO. PETA, PLS HELP.

    Well done, Lucy.

    While showing off how cute she is, Lucy rapidly moved her miniature legs while being fed.

    Good job, Lucy.

    Leone + Lucy = Goals.

    For those who were wondering, Lucy has found a loving home as Leone captioned one of her Instagrams saying, "I don't even know where to begin how much I love this little puppy. So happy she is going to find a loving home with Lomas :)"

    Now that my job of writing this post is done, I am going to have that heartsplosion I'd scheduled earlier.

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