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Archana Kavi Put Makeup On Her Husband Abish Mathew's Face Because She Goddamn Can

These two make marriage actually look hella fun.

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A refresher in cuteness: standup comedian Abish Mathew is married to Malayali actress Archana Kavi.

And last night she decided to pin Mathew down and apply all the makeup she could find in their house, on his face. Mathew documented the entire ordeal on Snapchat.

He felt like a betrayed guinea pig.

At his wife's mercy...

From his eyes to his lips, Kavi didn't leave any corner of Abish's face untouched.

He contemplated standing up to the injustice.

But all his efforts of running away went in vain.

It was so traumatic, Mathew was questioning the foundation of their relationship.

Same, Abish. Same.

Same, Abish. Same.

Archana's savagery made Abish feel severely wronged.

And this was the end result of his wife's IRL photoshop experiment.

Kavi let him off easy after giving him, in my opinion, a pretty kickass makeover.

Which tbf, looked great.

Which tbf, looked great.

The story is only going to last for a few more hours so head over to his Snapchat (@abishmathew) to LOL at it now.